Frequently asked questions

25 Pubs built from the ground up for one day only!



What time do you open and close?

Gates open at 6pm. The gate closes at 1am, with the party continuing until 2am.

What IDs do you accept?

There are 3 forms of valid IDs we accept at the entrance:

  1. Current, State issued, photo ID*
  2. U.S. Passports
  3. Military

*No combination of IDs can substitute for this form of ID. NO temporary along with expired, NO student ID along with temporary, etc.

What does Express Entrance Get You?

The Express Entrance ticket allows you to enter through our reserved entrance off the corner of 11th and J Street. The wait time in line will be minimal. 

What if I won tickets on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Your name will be placed on the Will-Call ticket list, available for pickup on the day of the event 

beginning at 6pm at the entrance on 11th and K.

Be sure you and your guest are 21+ and have valid ID. Tickets are General Admission, have no cash value, and are non-transferable. Please message us if the name on your ID is different from the name you use on the social media site.

How much are tickets at the gate?

$20 for General Admission, $30 for Express Entrance+.

Do you accept credit or debit cards?
Cash only. But, there will be ATMs on site.

Is there a dress code?
Um, not really. As long as you're not wearing anything that could be considered gang attire, you should be okay. Also, bringing any general items that could be a danger to yourself or others is pretty much a no-no.

Are there In & Outs?

We understand this is a long festival, and our intent in making it longer was so that people who like the more casual atmosphere could attend during the day, and those who like the party and dancing vibe could attend at night. We did not anticipate the number of you who would want to be a part of both! We do not have the proper plans in place to allow for In & Outs this year, but we will certainly have this as a top priority for how to accommodate this request for next year.

Is there outside food and drinks allowed?

One sealed bottle of water is the only outside food and drink allowed inside the festival. We will have a variety of food vendors and drink options on site.